Little Genius contest

NARAYANA Group of Schools believe in the fact that every child is born genius. When we give the right platform and timely opportunity to explore the hidden talents, the children emerge to be the best in their field of interest. Children wish to become the best in the industry but all their desires are nullified due to the discouraging environment prevailing around them.  It’s because most of the schools focus only on the children who are very active and energetic leaving all the ordinary children to their fate. They ignore the fact that even ordinary children also have  extraordinary genius in them.  At times even parents also fail to understand the psychology of the children and children are deprived of their privilege  of proving their talents. Hence children’s talents go waste.

We need to nurture the aspirations and talents of the children. Then they will become the masters and prove themselves to be the greatest artists in their field of interest along with their regular academics.

To make this fact come true Narayana organises “Little Genius Contest”.

Don’t dream… Just grab..

₹ 80* lakhs worth rewards

It’s most exciting opportunity to be in the list of winners. Each category and each event will pave the way for it. We wish each of you to be a winner of this contest. Don’t dream… just grab..

           * Rewards will be given in the form of fee concession

The child can participate in the contest from home itself.

Why late then ???

When you register, you will become eligible for getting free digital children’s magazine for one year. 

What is it Exactly?

In leisure time at home, the children have to practice their own art of interest like drawing, painting, essay writing, stories /poems, singing, public speech (elocution), craft work, dance, playing music instruments, yoga. Take a snap or video of their work and upload in our contest page.

Contest Procedure

* Contest is held in e-Kidz Category, junior e-Champs category, senior e-Champs category and e-Techno category.
(*e-Kidz cat: Nursery-PP 2
*junior e-Champs cat: Classes 1-3
*senior e-Champs cat: Classes 4 & 5
*e-Techno cat : classes 6 & 7)


Drawing/ Painting must be done on A4 paper only. Essay/story should not exceed 300 words. Poem should not be more than 5 stanzas/ 150 words. Any event video should be less than 3 minutes. Entries are encouraged in all four categories in each and every Art event.

How to Participate ?

We will announce the themes for different age groups (categories) in each and every event of Art. The child can do the work of his/her interest as per the guidelines. Parents have to take a photo or video of the art that the child has done based on the theme announced and upload in our website page with complete details.

How is Evaluation ?

After we receive all the entries in all four categories of each event, Our team of experts will judge the best works and rank them. The best works will be rewarded and also published in our website to give global exposure. Our team will visit your house. The participants can also visit our Corporate Office.

When are the Results?

The results will be announced in a week after the contest period is closed. All the participants will be intimated about the contest period and also results announcement dates. The participants can visit our website time to time to track the status of winning.

Art wise Events

1. Little Picasso ( Painting)
2. Little Ravi Varma ( Drawing)
3. Little Emerson (Essay Writing)
4. Little J K Rowling (Story/ Poem writing)
5. Little Latamangeskar (Singing)
6. Little Swami Vivekananda (Elocution)
7. Little Michelangelo (Craft)
8. Little Michael Jackson (Dancing)
9. Little A R Rehman (Music)
10. Little Baba RamDev (Yoga)

When you register, you will become eligible for getting free digital children’s magazine for one year. 

Challengers chart



We advise the parents not to involve directly in the child’s work. They can guide and give moral support.

* After the children practice their art of interest, they can make a fair copy of it which is clearly visible/ audible and impressive to take a photo/ video. 

* Drawings, Paintings, essay write up, story/ poem need to be taken a snap and to be uploaded in our web page completing all the details.

* Singing of the song, Speech , craft work making, dancing, playing music instrument and doing Yogasanas can be shoot with fine camera with good voice over and uploaded on our web page with complete details.

All these years, child’s in born talents are confined to only local area ( The school where the child is studying) . By participating in this contest, we can evaluate where the child is standing in the global competition and there by we can encourage the children to sharpen their talents to become the best in their field of interest as part of  Co-curricular activity.

The contest dates will be announced soon. The contest goes only for one week. The child can participate in this contest just by sitting at home using the after school hours.They can upload their entries with their complete details.

All the 1-4 toppers would be awarded each 20 thousand rupees worth reward , 5-12 toppers with 10 thousand worth and 13-20 toppers would be awarded with 5 thousand rupees worth rewards. These rewards are given in each and every category of every Art Segment. T & C Apply

           * Rewards will be given in the form of fee concession

You can contact our team of experts

Mr. KK –     +91-9912346718

Mr. Chow –     +91-9908381881

Mr. Dhav –     +91-8698768555

Mr. Vish –     +91-9823662662